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What will happen to your debts after Brexit?

There’s no getting away from the thorny subject of Brexit at the moment. The newspapers, web pages, TV news broadcasts and radio shows are full of reports about what might and might not happen, and it seems the only consistency at the moment is inconsistency.


Those men and women who are unfortunate enough to be struggling with debt at the moment may be wondering what will happen to their financial situation if and when Brexit does finally happen. The short answer is that probably nothing will change all that much, but the long answer is that no-one really knows for sure.


The chances are that the financial markets will be in a series of fluctuations that could take months or maybe even years to settle, but the knock-on effect for someone coping with a Trust Deed or Sequestration will probably not be all that noticeable. Your situation is unlikely to change and your agreement is likely to continue.


Many of the laws that protect you from unfair credit terms and contract practices were introduced as a result of EU influence. Having said that, if we leave the EU later this year the laws that are now in place won’t suddenly be scrapped. Any changes that may happen will do so over a long period of time, and the specialists will always be on hand to provide all the advice, guidance and support that you need.

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