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Talk to Bluesky Finance about the pros and cons of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a very effective way of dealing with major debt problems, but it does of course come with a number of factors that need to be taken into account. Even if you can see no way out of the debt spiral that you have encountered, it may be that there are others ways of finding the solution you need.


Basically, you enter into a bankruptcy – or a sequestration, as it’s known in Scotland – when you can no longer cope. This is a formal agreement in which your personal finances are effectively controlled by a third party, known as a trustee. The trustee’s role is to manage all your monetary dealings, and to make sure your creditors receive as much as possible from what’s left.


If your debts are less than £3,000, you won’t usually qualify for bankruptcy. If they add up to more than that, however and you can see no way out of your current predicament, it becomes an option. There are several other potential solutions, however, including a Debt Relief Order (DRO) or perhaps a Debt Management Plan (DMO).


The solution you have been seeking?

When you’re bogged down by debts that never seem to get any smaller, it can be difficult to cope. It’s important to bear in mind that, no matter how hopeless the situation might appear to be, reliable advice, useful guidance and a great deal of empathy is available right now from the team at Bluesky Finance.


There could be any number of perfectly understandable reasons for you to have got into problems with debts, and it’s worth remembering that no-one is here to judge you. The ready, quick availability of credit cards, payday loans, hire purchase agreements and the like have led to so many people being left to struggle. You are definitely not alone in this.


While a bankruptcy or any other debt solution is likely to have an effect on your overall credit rating, you will at least have a chance to become debt-free at some point in the future. An end to those seemingly never-ending letters and phone calls from your creditors is in sight, so make sure you get in touch with Bluesky Finance soon. We’re waiting to hear from you on 0141 488 2212.

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