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Insolvency and you – how to tell if you’re solvent or not

If you seem to be constantly struggling to pay the bills these days, and you are managing to increase the amount you owe no matter how hard you try, the specialists at Persona Debt Support can help you. We’re here to provide you with a sympathetic ear, an understanding approach and a practical way to reduce your debts.


We’ve helped a great many people in the past, men and women from all walks of life, some with jobs and some without, and in a number of cases the line between their personal solvency and insolvency can be more than a little blurred. In general terms, your level of solvency will depend on your ability to meet your financial obligations, in other words it’s a way of measuring your financial health.


The national and international economic downturns in recent years has left many struggling. If you’re concerned that you may be insolvent, a check on your assets and liabilities can help. Here at Bluesky Finance, a member of our friendly, experienced team can help you with this. Your assets could include things like property, or perhaps equity on your property.


Your liabilities will include the likes of credit card and loan debts, money owed to other financial institutions, rent arrears and hire purchase balances. If your assets are worth more than your liabilities and you’re able to pay the bills when they fall due, the chances are you won’t be insolvent.


If you’re deemed insolvent, there could be a number of debt solution programmes that could help you. Speak to Bluesky Finance soon on 0141 488 2212 for more information. We hope to hear from you in the coming days.

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