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Creating an income and expenditure document

When you enter into a debt solution programme with an accredited Insolvency Practitioner, there is very little for you to do in regards to the application. Most of the finer details, as well as the communications with your creditors, will be handled by the specialists. One thing you may have to become involved in, however, is the creation of an income and expenditure document.


Some people find this experience a little difficult at first, but with our support and advice it can be easy and relatively stress-free. The important thing to remember is to be honest from the start, detailing your normal living expenses as well as your monthly income.


A member of our team can talk you through the process from start to finish, explaining clearly and concisely what information will be needed from you. And if you need guidance beforehand, you’ll find templates on the web as well as details of what to include and what to leave out.


Your income figures will need to include items such as salary or wages from any self-employed role. If you’re on benefits, remember to include tax credit, universal credit, income support or jobseekers allowance if appropriate. If you receive rent from anyone living at your property or pension payments from former jobs these need to be included as well.


And when calculating outgoings, you’ll need to list a figure for rent or mortgage, council tax, utility bills, child maintenance and hire purchase agreements if relevant. Other spending such as on a car, TV, insurance policies, maintenance costs on the home, clothing and telephones will also need to be listed.


Whether you’re entering into a Trust Deed, an IVA, a DRO or any other solution, the amounts you have coming in and going out will be important. Bluesky Finance can help you to create a viable income and expenditure document without the stress.

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As part of our service, our trusted provider, who specialise in providing and the management of debt solutions, will explain the available options and recommend a debt solution which is suitable for you. The risks of all suitable solutions will be explained clearly. We’ll be paid for introducing you depending on your debt solution fees may be payable if ongoing services are provided.


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