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Absolutely Fantastic

I would just like to say how fantastic these people are with dealing with debt. The man I spoke to Stephen Pringle dealt with all my creditors and arranged a payment plan which is affordable for myself and I’ll be debt free in 5 years all thanks to the help of these people.
They was courteous and very helpful with the options available to me. I made a very good decision going through this debt company.
Danielle Potja


Absolutely faultless

I was so hesitant about approaching this service for so long as I had heard so many cliché horror stories about these kind of financial solutions. However, when Stephen took my case and talked me through the whole process I felt so at ease. He allowed me time to talk out my problems and discuss my fears and allowed the positives to come to light.
Stephen took so much time to listen to the reasons that put me in this mess and he never judged me or never made me feel like I had done anything wrong. He really empathised with me and used his own life experience to connect with me. This automatically made me feel like I was doing the right thing. In the space of a week this man and company have been able to change my outlook on so much in my life and I can finally start to see a bit of an end to all of this now. I’m feeling so much more secure and safer and I truly have to thank Stephen for this.
Georgie Heath



Approached this service in January and explored options but wasn’t too sure. Cheryl was polite and allowed me time to review things in my own time.

I contacted again in July and spoke to Stephen Pringle. Instantly he put me at ease and found my conversation logs with Cheryl meaning I did not have to repeat my circumstances to another person. Stephen offered me all the options over the phone giving unbiased information and ensured throughout I understood it all. I felt happy to ask any questions and he assured me there was no silly questions when it came to solutions.

Stephen fully took on board my circumstances and demonstrated empathy and understanding. This allowed me to feel comfortable being honest with him about what realistic measures had to be taken.

I was kept up to date through WhatsApp and he understood the importance of privacy while I was at work too phoning me only after he had WhatsApped to ensure I was avaliable to talk. The ease of being able to send screenshot of the required documents was unbelievable. At any point I felt unsure stephen was there to answer my questions with his extensive knowledge.

Stephen was fantastic and I cannot fault the service in any way. He got me smiling with his banter when I felt I had reached my lowest point and offered practical money solutions to improve my situation. I can’t thank you enough.

Keep up the amazing work!


Alistair the saint

Alistair helped us so much he was there every step of the way nothing was too much trouble for him he is so patient and takes the time to allay your fears couldn’t have done it without him.
Walter Sumner

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