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Our Mission

Our mission: to bring you peace of mind

 We have been providing solutions for those in debt for many years, and we continue to do all we can to bring peace of mind at a time when our clients need it most. If you are struggling with debt-related issues at the moment, we would love to hear from you on 0141 488 2212.


Having helped so many people in recent years, we know how important it is to listen carefully to their issues, to understand how they got into debt and to hear what type of future they are hoping to achieve. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, and nor should there ever be. That’s why we seek individual solutions to individual problems.


Many of our clients come to us at the very end of their tether, genuinely feeling as though there is no way out from their situation. Our sympathetic, knowledgeable specialists have been trained to listen, to empathise and to understand. When we have heard all the facts, we then set about looking for potential solutions.


You’re not alone anymore

In recent decades, obtaining credit from banks, building societies and other credit providers has been all too easy, so the resulting issues that many people face can sometimes be seen as somehow inevitable. Whether you have debts via loans, credit cards, store cards or anything else, it’s so important to bear in mind that any one of a possible range of debt release strategies could be suitable for your needs.


Our professionals want to get to know you, to hear about your journey and to understand your plight. Far too many of our competitors only want to hear the basic facts before moving on, but we’re not like that at all. We know how increasing debt levels can affect your wellbeing, and can leave you feeling as if there is nowhere to turn.


Bluesky Finance will be with you every step of the way, bringing you the guidance you need from the start of the process right through to the end. Our mission is a simple one: to be on your side at all times, to listen and advise as and when necessary and to do all we can to lift the cloud of debt as soon as possible.


Just call 0141 488 2212 to hear more about the services we provide.

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